About us

Hellcat Translations is a small localisation company founded 2015 by Silvia Wipfler. The company started out small, but quickly gained momentum when the first project (the Cyberpunk RPG Dex) was successfully finished Рnew clients were acquired and the product palette was expanded with apps and board games. Only one year after its foundation, Hellcat Translations landed their biggest contract: Kingdom Come: Deliverance, on which they are working till this day.


The Chief-Cat:

Silvia has been a dedicated gamer since the release of Pokemon Yellow and started writing for an Austrian games magazine in 2011. Being confronted with low-quality localisations in both her job and private life, she decided to take matters into her own hands: the idea of Hellcat Translations was born.


Our mission:

Creating top notch experiences for German-speaking players that live up to the original.